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Well, banday has passed.

2008-10-26 18:19:26 by FlashShark

Yesterday was the First Annual Ban Day, where Jujube imposed labor on us on the premise that if we did not submit flash on October 25th (Ban Day), we would, well, be banned.

Well I had to take off of my big project, LL - The Odyssey, because he let us know with two months notice and The Odyssey was not happening in 2 months.

Instead I had an idea for a nice short flash, made a script, procrastinated for weeks after that and here we are with LL - Out of Coffee!

Enjoy and vote 5.

Well, banday has passed.

Happy lockday!

2008-05-26 01:28:11 by FlashShark

Well, it's lockday, and I intend to submit the first episode of my new series- "Tales from Camp Lock Lake"!

Feels great to finally get that kicked off.